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Alloy Wheel Straightening in Bradford | Based in Leeds, Serving West, North and South Yorkshire

Have your alloy wheels seen better days? Do they need straightening or welding to return them to their former glory? At The Wheel Guru, we provide an alloy wheel straightening and welding service for private domestic and trade motorists in West, North and South Yorkshire. As a time-served company with more than 14 years of trade experience, we recognise how easy it is to accidentally damage your alloy wheels. From kerbing incidents to pothole impacts, in the blink of an eye you have a bent, buckled or cracked wheel.

Based in Leeds, The Wheel Guru welcomes motorists from Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and across the Yorkshire region. With a reputation for alloy wheel repair and refurbishment work of exceptional quality, motorists happily travel from near and far to benefit from our expertise.

If your alloy wheels suffer any damage, no matter how small, we strongly advise having them inspected as soon as possible.  Aside from the obvious unsightly aesthetics of cracks and bends, your wheel or wheels may start to impact on the safety and quality of your drive. Issues include shaking from the steering wheel, fast tyre wear, suspension problems and structurally unsafe wheels.

Below, we have introduced the alloy wheel straightening and welding services that restore visual appeal and safety to your wheels. To discuss options for your own bespoke service, please call us on 0113 345 4793 or 0113 418 2543. Alternatively, you can visit our workshop in Leeds.

Alloy Wheel Straightening

If your alloy wheels bend or buckle while driving in Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York or the surrounding areas, we use this service to straighten them out. To start the process, we place your wheel on a rack within our wheel straightening rig. We then use a dial gauge to measure the shape of the wheel and identify the location of the damaged section.

Next, your straightening service progresses to the safe heating of the wheel’s affected area. This makes the metal softer and more pliable. We then use hydraulic rams to press out any bends or buckles.

The information gained through our initial measurements, along with our own expertise, provides the foundation for your alloy wheel straightening service. Our Leeds-based technicians use this data to determine the appropriate balance of heat and pressure needed to return your wheel back to its original shape.

You can rest assured, we cover every aspect needed to get you back out on the roads of Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield and York with safe, visually striking wheels.

Alloy Wheel Welding

As with alloy wheel straightening, we also use heat during the welding process to repair damaged wheels. This service focuses on restoring the structural integrity of cracked or fractured wheels. Our technicians start by grinding out both sides of the hairline fracture or crack, ensuring complete removal of any contaminants. In turn, this allows us to create a perfect weld.

Having done this, we then weld both sides of your wheel. Only welding on one side creates a strength imbalance. Naturally, this repairs the damage on a superficial level, but it doesn’t return the wheel to its former strength.

Following the welding, we then use a lathe to machine the surface back to a seamless finish. This eliminates the chance of damage to the inside of your tyre once reattached.

At The Wheel Guru, we have a friendly, approachable and highly professional team for all your alloy wheel straightening and welding needs. Whether in our home city of Leeds or neighbouring locations like Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield and York, we understand that alloy wheels suffer accidental damage.

We don’t judge when you bend them; we just mend them.

Call 0113 345 4793 or 0113 418 2543 to discuss options for your own alloy wheel straightening and welding in Leeds, Bradford and the wider Yorkshire region.

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