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Ok, so you have just spent your hard earned money getting your alloy wheels refurbished!! I’m guessing you want them to stay looking this good for as long as they can right??

Well now they can because we have teamed up with kamikaze and ceramic pro, the world leaders in ceramic coatings. So what are the benefits of getting your alloy wheels ceramic coated??

  1. Increased scratch resistance
  2. Wheels will be very easy to clean
  3. Hydrophobic surface
  4. Heat resistant
  5. Up to 2 years of protection

Do not get this coating confused with a wax or sealant, it is a nano ceramic coating that forms a ultra hard permanent adhesion to the surface of your wheels that could only be removed with machine sanding.

Wheels are by far the hardest part of your vehicle to keep clean, modern cars these days especially high performance cars let off a tremendous amount of brake dust that wants to cling to your wheels and calipers. Once your wheels and calipers have been ceramic coated by one of our products the dirt will just rinse right off!!

Ok so now you know a little bit more about ceramic coatings I suppose your wondering how much will this cost me to get professionally installed by an accredited installer:

Please note below prices are for existing wheel guru customers that are already getting their wheels refurbished by us.

Limited time offer!!

All 4 wheels any size for only £150

All 4 calipers £100

All together deal £200

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