Powder Coating in Harrogate | Fixing the Most Common Types of Wheel Damage

At The Wheel Guru, we have seen all manner of damage to alloy wheels. Unfortunately, accidental impacts remain a constant possibility for every driver, be it in Harrogate, the wider Yorkshire area or anywhere else in the UK. If you suffer the misfortune of bending, buckling or cracking your alloy wheels, it’s vital to have them checked by an alloy wheel repair company as quickly as possible. Our technicians specialise in a range of solutions for any kind of damage, from diamond cutting to full alloy wheel refurbishment, and from powder coating to alloy wheel straightening.

For an insight into the type of issues our Leeds-based team can help you with, we have taken a look below at some of the most common types of alloy wheel damage we fix. To discuss any alloy wheel repair or refurbishment needs you may have, please call us on or 0113 418 2543.

Powder Coating Wheels Process
Powder Coating Wheels

The Most Common Alloy Wheel Damage


Kerbing represents the easiest way to inflict damage on your wheels. As a result, it’s also one of the most frequently occurring. In short, kerbing is a consistent issue for drivers in Harrogate and beyond.

Kerbing involves the alloy wheel making contact with a kerb edge. This can occur in a range of situations, be it pulling up at the side of the road or taking a corner too sharply. However it occurs, kerbing results in scratches and gouges to your alloy wheels, spoiling their appearance.

The scale of the resulting alloy wheel repair work depends on the force of the impact. Needless to say, we find a solution to fix any kerbing damage, including alloy wheel straightening and welding services. These situations also represent a good opportunity for a full alloy wheel refurbishment. You can integrate options such as powder coating and diamond cutting to your tastes.


Pothole Impact

While kerbing usually occurs due to a mistake by the driver, the blame for a pothole impact lays squarely in the poor condition of a road. Of course, this makes it one of the most frustrating forms of alloy wheel damage for our customers in Harrogate. In short, driving over a pothole at speed causes an impact that can puncture a tyre or put a significant dent in the wheel.

As with kerbing, the extent of the damage depends on the force of the impact. In some cases, a simple alloy wheel straightening service may suffice. More severe cases may require extensive alloy wheel repairs.

As always, the option for a full alloy wheel refurbishment remains an option. There’s never a bad time to invest in powder coating or diamond cutting.


Brake Dust

Whenever you engage the brakes while driving the roads of Harrogate, tiny particles of dust cover the surface of your alloy wheels. If left to accumulate, this dust builds up and burns itself into the wheel’s surface, permanently damaging them.

Regular washing significantly reduces the likelihood of this happening. However, you should also note that most regular detergents don’t always get wheels entirely clean.

In extreme cases, if you leave this dust for too long, we will need to perform a full alloy wheel refurbishment. Fortunately, we specialise in diamond cutting, while our powder coating range has thousands of colours to choose from.

From alloy wheel straightening to any form of alloy wheel repair, The Wheel Guru provides a trusted, respected service for motorists in Harrogate and across the wider Yorkshire area.


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