Puncture Proof - Puncture Prevention & Tyre Life Extender

It works, and it works for the life of the tyre.

A Permanent

Extends Tyre

Reduced Downtime

Improved Fuel Economy

100% Non-Toxic, 95% Organic

How It Works

When a puncture occurs, the centrifugal forces of the rotating tyre, plus internal pressure and escaping air, forces the gel into the puncture and a permanent seal is created.

High Performance
High Speed Grade
Coloured Blue
Rated up to speeds Of 170 mph.

Suitable for cars, light commercial, vehicles motorhomes, motorcycles, touring caravans and trailers. Seals punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm in diameter but in the event that the puncturing object has caused excessive tyre damage. Puncture proof will obstruct escaping air causing the tyre to deflate in a slow controlled way allowing the driver to remove the vehicle from a potentially dangerous location seals punctures as they happen.



  • Applied "before the puncture occurs" to
    permanently seal puntures "as they happens".
  • Reduces porosity and extends tyre life.
  • Tyres run cooler, so will last longer.

Puncture Proof

/ 4 Tyres

High Performance

High Speed Grade

Coloured Blue

Rated up to speeds Of 170 mph.

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