Vehicle Remapping in Leeds & the Wider Yorkshire Area

If you have a modern vehicle, it comes equipped with an ECU (engine control unit). In short, this small computer controls how your car’s engine works. To accommodate for differing laws, restrictions, fuel qualities and climates around the world, vehicle manufacturers impose certain limitations through their ECU software. At The Wheel Guru, we carry out vehicle remapping and engine tuning services to remove or modify this default software, allowing us to optimise your driving experience.

Based in Leeds, our reputation for fast, effective services sees us welcome motorists from Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and the surrounding areas. Our ever-growing client base extends throughout West, North and South Yorkshire.

Vehicle Remapping

Vehicle Remapping & Engine Tuning

Vehicle Remapping

During a vehicle remap our team overwrites your default ECU software with a new, customisable program. This new software optimises your car’s overall performance. The vehicle remapping process involves plugging the tuned software into your car’s OBD port (or serial port) for maximum effectiveness.

Some of the benefits of vehicle remapping include:

  1. Better Performance and Drivability
  2. Improved Fuel Economy
  3. Long-term Fuel Savings
  4. Increased Power and Torque
  5. Removal of Flat Spots
  6. An All-round Smoother Delivery
  7. Improved Throttle Response
  8. Completely Customisable
  9. A Mechanically Safe Upgrade
  10. Better Ability to Tow

For the ultimate peace of mind, vehicle remapping is completely reversible. If you have a change of heart, The Wheel Guru backs up all original software and data.

Engine Tuning

While vehicle remapping and chip tuning achieve similar goals, they do so in differing ways. Chip tuning is the original service that vehicle remapping has become. As such, we carry out remapping on post-2000 cars, while our engine tuning work focuses on those made pre-2000.

When working on older cars, our technicians have to physically open the ECU. We then remove the chip, manually reconfigure and tune it, and then put it back into the ECU, usually with a soldering method.

Due to the technology presented to us, engine tuning represents a less refined approach to optimising a car’s performance. However, with more than 14 years of combined trade experience, our team excels in engine tuning and vehicle remapping services of any kind.

DPF & Engine Carbon Cleans

The Wheel Guru also performs DPF and engine carbon cleans. These two maintenance services play a vital role in keeping your vehicle efficient and in a good state of repair.

DPF Cleans

Diesel engines have a susceptibility to soot build up. This is especially true if most of your driving involves short journeys at low speeds. As such, diesel cars have DPFs to remove soot while you drive. However, they only work at optimal levels in the hot conditions generated by driving for extended periods at high speed, such as on the motorway.

When not burnt away, soot builds up and blocks the DPF, either partially or fully. Of course, this impairs its performance. To avoid expensive repair work, and to keep your vehicle running smoothly, we strongly recommend regular DPF cleaning.

Engine Carbon Cleans

Over time, combustion engines build up internal deposits such as carbon, gum and tar. These materials are natural by-products of the combustion process, but you shouldn’t let them accumulate. Failure to remove them can affect the performance of your engine, including aspects like power, efficiency and emissions.

Regular carbon cleaning with The Wheel Guru ensures the timely removal of deposits. This provides numerous benefits, such as regained performance and improved MPG, as well as reduced wear and tear, emissions and running costs.

Put simply, an engine carbon clean makes your driving in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and the neighbouring areas safer, more efficient and cost-effective.

The Wheel Guru provides a wide range of vehicle repair options, from windscreens to car seats.

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