Diamond Cutting in York | 3 Things to Consider Before Your Service

Are you considering investing in your first diamond cutting service? First of all, great choice. Diamond cut alloys make a great solution for upgrading your car’s appearance. With their dazzling, glass-like finish, you’ll make a huge statement as you drive the roads of York and the surrounding areas. The Wheel Guru specialises in multiple services, including alloy wheel straightening, powder coating and all forms of alloy wheel repair.

Like any alloy wheel refurbishment and repair company, we excel in diamond cutting. With years of experience behind us, we understand that investing in this service requires serious thought. Due to their unique nature and requirements, diamond cut wheels aren’t the best option for everyone.

To maximise the return on your potential investment, we have dedicated this blog to 3 of the most important things to consider ahead of your own diamond cutting procedure.

If you want to discuss diamond cut alloys in more detail, or services like powder coating, alloy wheel straightening and other forms of alloy wheel repair, call The Wheel Guru on 0113 418 2543. We work with private domestic customers and commercial clients throughout York.


Diamond Cutting | Important Considerations

Leave It to the Pros

Repairing, refurbishing and fitting diamond alloys is a complex task. It requires a professional with a specialist skillset. When performed by an inexperienced or underqualified alloy wheel refurbishment company or mechanic, you run the risk of significant wheel damage.

Aspects of diamond cutting include:

  • Inspecting damage with an expert eye for detail
  • Complete removal of one or multiple wheels
  • A chemical stripping and welding process
  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery for flawless results

As with powder coating, alloy wheel straightening or any form of alloy wheel repair in the York area, always pick a proven professional.stunning custom surfaces.

This gives you the option to combine the best of both worlds: undoubted safety and slick aesthetics.

The speed of the turnaround also separates the good from the great. Alloy wheel repair experts identify issues quickly, telling you exactly what’s wrong and how long it will take to rectify. Whether you need an alloy wheel straightening or only cosmetic work, a specialist won’t waste your time.

Diamond Cut Alloys Need Aftercare

While our alloy wheel refurbishment team performs diamond cutting to exceptional standards, you must look after them once you leave our workshop to retain their aesthetic for longer.

The approach for aftercare differs depending on how you use your vehicle in and around York. We happily provide recommendations on how to keep your diamond alloys in great condition, but we prefer to give personalised information relevant to your situation.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We treat you as an individual with unique requirements, so we address your aftercare needs during an initial consultation. Our company applies the same approach across our full range of alloy wheel repair work, from powder coating to alloy wheel straightening.


You Can Have Alloys Cut More Than Once

Some may claim that diamond cutting represents a one-time procedure – but this is usually incorrect. While it’s true each alloy wheel can only undergo the process a finite number of times, the amount depends on the integrity and strength of your wheel.

For example, some wheels can only receive this alloy wheel refurbishment procedure once, while others can easily receive two or three services.

Of course, if you live or work in York, you can visit our workshop in Leeds for advice tailored to your own specific wheels.

From alloy wheel straightening to powder coating, no matter what service you approach us for, The Wheel Guru always provides a personal approach that puts your satisfaction first.


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