Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Are you looking for a comprehensive alloy wheel refurbishment service in West, North or South Yorkshire? The Wheel Guru is here to help. Based in Halifax, we have a proven record for stunning results on a wide range of vehicles in both the private domestic and trade sectors. The quality of our workmanship sees us welcome motorists from across Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and the surrounding areas.

Due to their position, alloy wheels hold the opposing qualities of being highly visible and prone to damage. As a result, it doesn’t take much for them to show signs of wear and tear or minor impacts. Whether it’s driving over a pothole, hitting a kerb, turning sharply or the effects of dirt, salt, dust and stone chippings, alloy wheels need regular refurbishment to look their best.

With decades of trade experience, our technicians utilise industry-leading techniques, as well as the latest tools and equipment, to restore alloy wheels to a practically new condition. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled levels of workmanship and customer service, so whether you need to refurbish one alloy wheel or a transporter full, we have the manpower and resources to cater to your needs.

We recognise how highly you value the appearance of your car, and how important a role alloy wheels play in your chosen aesthetic. You can rest assured our alloy wheel refurbishment process meets the highest standards for quality. From Bradford to York, and from Harrogate to Huddersfield, we ensure your vehicle looks its best on the roads of Yorkshire.

To discuss your refurbishment requirements in more depth, please call The Wheel Guru on 07826737372. Alternatively, you can visit our workshop in Halifax.

A Closer Look at Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Unlike alloy wheel repair, the refurbishment process does not improve safety or functionality. Instead, refurbishing focuses on returning an as-new appearance to the wheel. In most cases, motorists in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and the neighbouring areas approach us because the effects of daily wear and tear have started to show too prominently.

In short, alloy wheel refurbishment involves making the rim look brand new. As a bespoke service, the specifics change from job to job. However, common aspects include cleaning and buffing for a shiny finish, changing the colour to match a new body kit and applying a new coating with better resilience than the original.

The process starts with the removal of the tyre from the wheel and stripping away the existing finish. Our technicians conduct this stripping to fully assess the extent of any damage. In turn, this process also creates an ideal surface for the optimal adhesion of the new finish.

Following the stripping, we blast the wheel to remove any remnants. Now fully prepared, we get to work on scuffs, scrapes and gouges. For light damage, rubbing down usually suffices. Deeper gashes, however, may require filling, welding and sanding.

In preparation for the alloy wheel refurbishment, we then smooth the entire surface. Next, our technicians apply a powder coat primer in either grey or black before adding a custom water-based coat. We then finish the whole wheel in a crystal clear powder coat to impeccable standards.

If you notice small chips or signs of minor damage to your alloy wheels, we strongly advise visiting us in Halifax as soon as possible. By continuing to drive the roads of Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York and the surrounding areas, these compromised spots, no matter how small, allow moisture to penetrate. Over time this slowly lifts the lacquer and paint from your wheel’s surface.

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