Powder Coating

If you own a set of alloy wheels you likely have some understanding of the term ‘powder coating’. This process creates one of the most durable finishes possible for an alloy wheel, ensuring optimal protection against daily wear and accidental damage. As a result, it represents a cornerstone of our alloy wheel refurbishment and repair services.

Based in Halifax, The Wheel Guru has cemented a reputation for outstanding results and customer service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction sees us welcome motorists from Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield and York. In fact, our client base stretches across West, North and South Yorkshire.

Powder coated alloy wheels have far greater resistance to corrosion and damage when compared with diamond cut surfaces and wet paint finishes.. Our highly skilled, time-served technicians use the powder coating process as a way of restoring your wheels.

From an original colour match with an existing finish to a brand-new look, we cover every eventuality.  With thousands of colours to choose from, we find the ideal solution for your needs.

What is the Powder Coating Process?

The process begins by dipping your alloy wheels into a specially formulated acid bath. This strips off the existing paint, lacquer and accumulated dirt. We then perform a high-pressure wash to ensure the complete removal of any excess materials and liquids from the acid treatment.

With a clean slate to work with, our Leeds-based technicians repair damage to the surface of your wheel through various sanding and filling techniques. This smooths out any problem areas and rebuilds those with more significant damage. We tailor this aspect of the process to suit your unique needs, ensuring you return to the roads of Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield, York or the neighbouring areas with complete satisfaction.

Before the application of the powder coating itself, we preheat the wheel in our oven. By heating the wheel to the perfect temperature, we ensure a smooth, even application.

We apply the powder coating much like traditional paint, i.e. by spraying on a decorative finish using compressed air. This action forces the paint through a nozzle.  As it passes, the paint brushes against an electrode and gains a positive charge. As a grounded surface, your wheels attract the positively charged material, allowing the paint to settle in a dry state.

Our technicians in Halifax then place your wheels back inside the oven to bake again. When ready, we remove them, leaving the painted finish to cure.

Using the same technique, we then apply a clear lacquer that forms a protective layer over the painted surface. This also gets baked in the oven before being returned to you. We encourage you to inspect our workmanship at this point. Our team appreciates that if you’ve travelled from locations in Bradford, Harrogate, Huddersfield or York, you want peace of mind before you leave.

What is Powder Coating Used For?

The technicians in our Leeds workshop primarily use powder coating to protect your wheels against various sources of damage. These include minor scratches from debris, UV damage, wash swirls, pollution, dirt and moisture. Quite simply, the hard, robust and resilient finish provided by this process delivers stunning alloy wheels that look great long into the future.

From the repair of substantial damage to a simple re-colouring, we cover practically every requirement for motorists in Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Keighley, Skipton, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire.

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