Alloy Wheel Repair

Are you looking for a trusted, proven alloy wheel repair specialist in West, North or South Yorkshire? The Wheel Guru has worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as the number one choice for repairs to alloy wheels in the region. We operate with outstanding customer service and workmanship as priorities. The stunning results produced by our Halifax-based technicians sees us welcome motorists from Bradford to York, and from Harrogate to Huddersfield.

With a fully equipped workshop and decades of trade experience, let us find a fast, effective and affordable solution tailored to your specific needs. From a single alloy wheel to a fleet of vehicles, our friendly, professional team is here to help.

Whereas alloy wheel refurbishment services return dirty or superficially damaged wheels back to their former glory, alloy wheel repair focuses on safety and functionality. Motorists must repair any wheel that suffers significant damage to the rim as quickly as possible. This usually occurs as a result of kerbing, driving over a pothole, making a mistake while parking or grazing another object while in motion. Subsequent damage usually comes in the form of cracked or buckled alloys and scratch marks.

If you live or work in Halifax, or neighbouring areas like Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Dewsbury, Keighley, Skipton, South Yorkshire and North Yorkshire, please contact us. We happily discuss repair work of any kind, no matter the size or complexity.

Alloy Wheel Repair - The Process

When it comes to repairing alloy wheels, particularly structural work, you must use a company with the required skills, experience and equipment. This ensures all work meets industry-leading standards, making your wheels and, by extension, your car as a whole, fit for use.

At The Wheel Guru, we use multiple methods to cover a broad range of alloy wheel repairs. These include CNC machining, sandblasting, powder coating and alloy wheel straightening.

Our Halifax-based team usually follow these simple, efficient steps:

  1. Tyres are removed from the wheel.
  2. The wheels are placed in acid to remove the old paint.
  3. The wheels are washed with a pressure wash.
  4. The wheel is repaired.
  5. The rim is primed with powder coating to prevent future corrosion.
  6. The wheels are baked.
  7. The primer is flatted out ensuring a smooth finish.
  8. The wheels are powder coated again in the colour of your choice.
  9. The wheels are lacquered to create a high-gloss finish.
  10. The tyres and new valves are fitted back on the wheels.
  11. The tyres are then inflated to the correct pressure.
  12. The wheels are then balanced on our balancing machine.
  13. The wheels are fitted back onto your car.

To ensure your safety on the roads, our Halifax-based technicians torque up wheel nuts to the recommended levels.  We then carry out a final inspection before declaring your vehicle as ready to drive.

The specifics of your alloy wheel repair process depends on the type of wheels you have and the severity of the damage to them. We advise the most appropriate course of action based on your own requirements and offer cost-effective rates to perform the necessary work.

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