Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Huddersfield | The Advantages of Our Most Popular Services

In our role as an alloy wheel repair company serving Huddersfield, we provide highly beneficial services tailored to suit your needs and tastes. From a basic alloy wheel straightening to the varying forms of alloy wheel refurbishment, we prioritise stunning results and swift turnarounds. However, many of the benefits associated with our services – including powder coating and diamond cutting – often get overlooked.

To illustrate just how advantageous our services are, we have highlighted some of the most popular below along with their benefits.

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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Refurbishing your alloys provides a cost-effective alternative to buying a replacement set of wheels. Refurbishment services, which extend to alloy wheel straightening, also provide a great source of ongoing maintenance. This helps to reduce the chances of damage related to age or general wear and tear. Of course, this then gives you the best possible return on your initial investment.

As a motorist in Huddersfield, you can also benefit from customisable alloy wheel refurbishment. With powder coating and diamond cutting options to choose from, refurbishing your wheels provides the ideal starting point for a new look.

Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheels
Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel

Alloy Wheel Repair

Much like alloy wheel refurbishment, repairing your alloys represents a cheaper option when compared with ordering a new set. Undertaking repairs also has a much quicker turnaround too. What’s more, repair work on all four wheels offers a great opportunity for a new custom finish with our powder coating or diamond cutting services. Alternatively, our technicians can also match with the original colour.

Other benefits of alloy wheel repair include restoring original aspects like structural integrity, strength, safety and aesthetics. While we understand how highly you value the visual appeal of your alloy wheels, the other three points remain integral to the safety of other road users in Huddersfield.

Alloy Wheel Straightening

Falling into the same bracket as alloy wheel refurbishment and repair, alloy wheel straightening also ensures you don’t need to buy a new set of wheels. Specifically targeting buckles and bends, straightening removes unsightly blemishes. This returns your wheel’s original appearance without any compromise in its integrity or strength.

Alloy wheel straightening also offers impressive versatility. When complete, we can apply the exact same finish to match your other wheels. Alternatively, we can perform a complete overhaul of all your wheels with various powder coating options. As with all our alloy wheel repairs, we tailor our approach to suit your tastes.

Powder Coating

Whether in Huddersfield or the neighbouring areas, some of the most appealing benefits of powder coating your alloys include:

• Thousands of colours to choose from
• One of the most durable, resilient finishes possible
• Longer lasting results compared to standard paint
• A typical one-coat completion for quick turnarounds
• The application process creates a smooth, even surface
• With few volatile organic compounds, powder coating is environmentally safe

Diamond Cutting

Like our wider range of alloy wheel refurbishment and repairs, the diamond cutting process has numerous benefits. The most obvious of these is the dazzling appearance the process produces. This glass-like aesthetic creates a truly showstopping look, ensuring you stand out as you drive in and around Huddersfield.

Diamond cut wheels also have an impressively light weight, particularly when compared to steel equivalents. As a result, diamond cutting alloy wheels delivers an array of benefits such as a more responsive drive, improved acceleration, increased brake clearance and better fuel economy; all of which help to avoid alloy wheel straightening, or more extensive alloy wheel repairs, in the near future.


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