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The Wheel Guru puts your satisfaction at the centre of everything we do. Our Leeds-based technicians have a genuine passion for alloy wheels, but we value our workmanship and customer service levels just as highly. When it comes to alloy wheel repair and refurbishment, we do whatever it takes to deliver results that exceed your expectations. Be it diamond cutting, powder coating, alloy wheel straightening and welding or a full alloy wheel refurbishment, we take pride in our status as the trusted choice for the Leeds area.

As a customer-focused alloy wheel repair company, our services come with an array of benefits. Whether you’re a long standing private domestic customer or a new commercial client with a fleet of vehicles, we have listed below some of the advantages you receive when choosing us.



The team at our Leeds-based workshop share more than 14 years of specialist industry experience. You can rest assured that we have the expertise to handle any alloy wheel refurbishment and repair issue. This includes impressive competency with the latest diamond cutting, powder coating and alloy wheel straightening equipment.

Put simply, when you choose The Wheel Guru, you benefit from decades of know-how – all of which we use to consistently produce outstanding results.

Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheels
Diamond Cutting Alloy Wheel

A Bespoke Service

While alloy wheel repair work follows a set process, alloy wheel refurbishment lets you benefit from a truly bespoke service. Our technicians have the expertise to create customised designs in a range of styles. From the sparkling finishes of diamond cutting to the thousands of colours available with powder coating, we turn your ideas and concepts into stunning realities.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, courteous and professional approach, so we happily sit down to discuss your options, no matter the work at hand. This includes bundling together multiple services; for example, an alloy wheel straightening followed by a complete refurbishment.

Restoring Aesthetics

We have been in the industry long enough to know how highly motorists value their cars. Alloy wheels play a significant role in design concepts. Naturally, you want them to stay in pristine condition, but even the safest of drivers will eventually see a level of wheel deterioration.

To minimise the effects of this inevitable process, The Wheel Guru provides a complete range of alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services – including alloy wheel straightening, powder coating and diamond cutting – to keep your wheels looking showroom fresh.

Quick Turnarounds

Whether in Leeds or any other Yorkshire location, we understand that being without your car for one day, let alone two or three, represents a huge inconvenience. As such, we have made quick turnarounds a key aspect of the services we provide as alloy wheel refurbishment and repair specialists. In most cases, we operate on a 24-hour turnaround basis, minimising any impact on your daily routines.

Whether it’s one day or more, we provide you with a set of our own wheels so you can stay on the roads of Leeds. We firmly believe that your decision to invest in diamond cutting, powder coating or alloy wheel straightening shouldn’t create undue inconvenience.

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