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Powder Coating | A Complete Guide to the Process

Powder Coating | A Complete Guide to the Process

What first attracted you to alloy wheels? Naturally, every motorist in has their own personal answer to this question. For most, however, the answer includes the aesthetic appeal and customisable quality of alloys. Whether or not you need alloy wheel refurbishment work beforehand, services like powder coating and diamond cutting create stunning results that reflect your own tastes and personality.

Because we cover all aspects of alloy wheel repair, including the latest approaches to alloy wheel straightening, we not only optimise overall appearance, we also ensure structural integrity for the highest safety standards.

In this post, we focus on the process behind, and benefits of, powder coating your alloy wheels. Please note, The Wheel Guru specialises in all areas of alloy wheel refurbishment and repair, so we have just as much expertise in diamond cutting, alloy wheel straightening and our other services.

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The Powder Coating Process

While there’s nothing to stop you from attempting your own DIY powder coating, it’s always best to leave it in professional hands. The powder itself is environmentally friendly, but you should still avoid inhalation and contact with the skin. This requires protective clothing and face masks. As an alloy wheel refurbishment specialist, we invest in the latest tools and equipment, ensuring our team works safely and without any impact to freedom of movement.

Powder Coating Wheels Process

As with diamond cutting, alloy wheel straightening and all our other services, your powder coating starts with wheel removal. Our technicians carry out a thorough clean and remove any old coatings. We also inspect the wheel to see if it has suffered unseen damage while driving on the roads.

Of course, if needed, we perform any necessary alloy wheel repairs to return structural integrity.

When ready, we spray the powder on to your wheel with a compressed air sprayer. This electrostatically charges the powder, allowing it to bond instantly with the ground surface of the wheel. We then cure the wheel, ensuring nothing touches the finish beforehand. Our technicians follow the stated duration and temperature as stated by the manufacturer.

Like any reputable alloy wheel refurbishment company, we have a specialised powder coating oven for a flameless heat source. The curing process ensures no dripping, running or sagging in the coat, creating the perfect finish first time around.

The Benefits of Powder Coating

For many motorists in Huddersfield, applying a powder is a no-brainer. Not only does it deliver a stunning finish, the resultant surface is highly durable and extends your wheels’ lifespan. This is especially beneficial when compared to diamond cutting, which creates a glass-like finish, but with less durability.

You can also make powder coating more cost-effective by combining it with other alloy wheel repair work. For example, if you notice bends or buckles, we can perform an alloy wheel straightening before applying a brand-new coating.

Further benefits include:

• Great defence against heat and corrosion
• Resilient to scratches and scuffs
• Stands up to severe weather conditions
• An easy to maintain nature
• An application process with minimal waste
• Complete coverage in all areas of your wheel

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